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Be a part of what's trending at today's Chili's. Here’s an idea that will definitely upset the apple cart. The Chili’s you remember has become a Chili’s with a dozen reasons to change jobs now, so get ready to update your LinkedIn page. Why? A new Chili’s has taken shape. We kept those things you love about us, we just look at them differently – 
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Restaurant Managers

There’s never been a better time to join our team. Guest satisfaction scores are at record highs. Staff turnover is at record lows. And our huge investment in brand renovation has us poised and ready for growth. Our best years are still ahead. So are yours. You deserve better. That’s why we’ve increased our management salary ranges, and adjusted our General Manager bonus targets. We’ve got some creative earning programs and long-term incentive plans. Our Benefits Team also went to work on creating a new plan to keep you healthy and happy.

Team Members

We pride ourselves on hiring the best people in the business. If you want long-term growth in the restaurant business, this is the place for you. Or maybe we’ll just be a pit-stop on your path to glory as a ballerina, alligator wrestler, TV chef or nuclear physicist. Either way, we’ll help you make some money and be really proud when you hit the big time.

Restaurant Support Center

Here at #ChiliHeadquarters – aka the Restaurant Support Center (RSC) – in our hometown of Dallas, our number one priority is to make the lives of our restaurant teams the very best they can be. That means keeping the wheels on the bus, and making sure no one ends up under the bus. So, whether that’s crunching all the numbers, sourcing the very best farm grown lettuce, or ensuring we create the very best people processes – it all happens where we started some 40 years ago. The RSC pays homage to our past and supports our purpose in the present. Our Chili’s Greenville conference room houses all the décor from our original Texas location. And our cubes are just as wacky. Especially when an unsuspecting Team Member is out of town for a while. #yougotpunked Outdoors, we nurture the Norman Brinker Community Garden, where we grow vegetables for local food banks. The life-work-fun balance we all strive for also comes alive on the lawn … with events like the Fall Festival, Officer Cookout, Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and other goings-on. We work hard and play hard at the RSC. We know that the future of every ChiliHead is in our hands, and that’s serious business.


We are known for our amazing culture and for taking the innovative path when it comes to our food and our operations. So, what do you get when you put all of that together? The perfect internship opportunity! We are always excited to give our interns a real experience and show ‘em what it means to be a ChiliHead. We take your career development seriously and will provide you with what it takes to have a thriving career in the restaurant industry. Our internship is a 10-week restaurant management internship for college students pursuing hospitality degrees. Do you have what it takes? You must be a senior enrolled in a hospitality management program pursuing a bachelor’s degree. You also need some restaurant or hospitality experience and an obvious passion for our business. We also offer full-time Manager in Development (MID) opportunities for graduates who want to join our team. For internship opportunities, check out the latest postings in our job search!