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its an okay serving job, nt you do a lot of work for little pay. theres always something wrong or inconvinent but I guess who cares as long as you make your money. per shift 80-140

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half off of food
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Management is selfish and doesn't care for employee well being. They cut hours from pay so they would not get in trouble for working us over time every day. They never helped with any duties. There were two employees who brought weapons to work. We were not given a break on holidays.

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Very independent and learn something new everyday

Working at this company opened more doors to other restaurants and giving me more customer service, serving experience. The hardest part of the job was trying to help the servers with their tables drinks, also trying to help them buss tables while doing my job but I love the fast paced work to keep busy!
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Fun respectful work place

Loved working here, the people are all nice, you get to change your schedule to how you want it always. You get to keep all the top money you make on card tips the same day you work.
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Management sucks, lazy & don’t lead, they just boss everyone around. Company doesn’t care about people making money. Just the profits. Tenure doesn’t matter.
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The people make it or break it

I would say that Chili's does not seem like a particularly unique company to work for but, rather the people within your workplace make it what it is, and I got lucky with mine.

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Flexible, willing to train, lots of movement
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Entry level job that has high turn over but a lot of the managers were cool and understanding to that aspect. Low wage good tips if you work weekends/ nights
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Customers sucked, upper management sucked, but the money is good.

What is the best part of working at the company?Depending on which Chills you work at, management is wonderful, and so are the coworkers. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Customers hands down. I have had customers throw food at me, yell at me as I was helping them, and so much more. The customers make me go home, and question the meaning to life, and if I should just leave my job. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?In retrospect the company does not care about its workers. Management was nice, but it was management and they obey the company. Coworkers are different to. I had a coworker threaten to cut my figure off, and management did not really care. What is a typical day like for you at the company?There was always something to do.
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i just want to know if it’s a good working environment? How is the pay? Is there good communication between employees and managers? I am looking forward to hearing back.
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Teamwork and fun

Everyone would help me when i was behind on my tables and overall had fun. Team competitions were the best! Whoever completed the task first got a cool gift. Definitely not the job for me. Taught me i need to make sure to take care of my own business.
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Chilis San bernardino

A team and company full of love. So much room to build. You do not dread coming to work and love your coworkers. Brakes can be sparse due to how busy it gets, but you always have a chance to grab some thing to eat.
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Easy to stay busy

This was a good place to work, management is pervy but nothing too crazy. Well known restaurant so easy to make some money. Management is usually kind of helpful when it gets busy.
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Very good business, not enough hours

The way our store is ran makes very little sense but it’s how many operate. They purposely keep us understaffed because it’s not “busy” yet when we get slammed and can’t handle the workload they seem to not care.
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It was a fun ,fast paced place to work filled with kind and hardworking people.

As it was my first Job I learned a lot from Chillis. The people and environment were ideal for my idea of a first job. The employees and managers were all very sweet and helpful in training me and the customers were nice most of the time.
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Fun Coworkers

Enjoyed coworkers more than the job itself. Often found myself drained only 30 minutes into an eight-hour shift. Coworkers were really fun and outgoing, but the job itself was terrible.
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It’s ok

Working there was ok, customers are nice or mean, management was ok. Only downside is people are hangry. If you can’t work under pressure then this is not the job for you.
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Pay is too low

Unless you want to be talked badly about from your other coworkers do not work here. I was a host and I got $9 an hour but they would give me full time hours as a part time employee. I was often asked to work doubles since no one wanted to work.
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Management is AWFUL

For my first week working here, they scheduled me 6 days in a row when I specifically told them I could only work 5 days in a row at the maximum. They don't take any criticism and generally are unapproachable.
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Depending on management it can be a pretty ok place to work. I usually enjoyed my co-workers, but at times they were very gossip heavy. And sometimes you have to do your job and everyone else's it seems.
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A good starting point but….

It’s an ok place to work especially for a first time job and those looking for an introduction to the food industry. However, there is a lot of drama and favoritism and the good workers often have to pick up slack for those who don’t do what they are supposed to.

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Discounts, good tips
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They understand life is complicated and can make accurate judgements based on the situation. Never underestimate what you breathe into the work culture so try to only speak when wanting to enhance the environment.

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Prizes events conyeats

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Long hours
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