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Decent workplace with high stress environment at times

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- Pros: Easy work for the most part, nothing too crazy besides taking orders, prepping food, and cleaning the main area- Cons: Poor management that can result in high stress throughout rushes.
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Great place, work hard though

Good place to work for a fast food restaurant. The management actually cared about me and let me have time off when I needed it and did not stress me out .
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Good first job but soooo stressful

If you have seen the lines at chipotle you have some idea about how overwhelming rush can become. Some days we would go three hours with customers still lined up out the door. One time a container of hot sauce fell off a shelf and splashed into my eye and it was the best i felt all day cause I got to take a break to rub it from my burning eyes. Staff and management were friendly enough tho and I was always paid on time. They did try to put me on the schedule after I quit though…
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Decent place to work

I moved up to a Kitchen Manager after 2 1/2 years with Chipotle. Our store was one of the busiest in the city and had the highest turnover rate, so we were often busy and short-staffed, plus constantly dealing with no-call, no-shows. The pay is decent and the benefits are great if you work full-time. It’s definitely fast-paced and you have to be willing to help wherever you’re needed.

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Free meals when you work, 50% off when you don’t

Eksi Yönleri

Unpaid breaks
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Good experience

Many opportunities to learn, the salary increases every year. You can start as a crew member and become a manager quickly if you want and you work well.
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Decent place to start

Better than other fast food locations but it’s still just as demanding, if you work in the front get ready to deal with people who keep pestering you for very specific orders. Most of the time it’s fine but it gets annoying when it’s a lunch rush. You also get to eat the food which is great but I wouldn’t want to stay for long.
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Overworked, understaffed and not appreciated at all.

I’ve been at Chipotle for 5+ years. They are money hungry, and prioritize profit. Depends on the location, but it is a lot of labor and always understaffed. They milk you for as much work that you can offer/save as much labor as they can. I’ve worked off the clock and during my break countless times because we didn’t “finish prepping food on time” while there’s clearly not enough workers, but oh we are “saving hours” and sales are good. It’s all about numbers and we’re just their replaceable pawns. I only gave the rating 2 stars because my co workers are/were amazing! They really make working fun, but besides that, working there sucks and it’s not worth it. Unless you’re young and don’t really care about the work you do and you and can’t see the blatant abuse and enjoy the co-workers, then you might enjoy the job…. Maybe. Lots of busy work, not enough pay, no appreciation or respect, lack of communication, just horrible.
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A whole new level of stress

Very exhausting. Worked multiple 60+ hour weeks, had very little actual support from the DM, and there was more drama then morning soap operas. Can only hope the entire company isn’t this way
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Poor Management with great tuition reimbursement opportunity.

Proper training is not provided, bullying and lack of professionalism is the norm for Memorial and Penn. Favoritism and discrimination against employees and customers is a norm. The hardest part of the job is watching co-workers be taken advantage of and seeing customers being treated poorly. The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to make a difference in the atmosphere and the lives of the customers.

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Tuition reimbursement

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Extremely short breaks, incorrect pay, poor management.
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Have to be very productive, they do not give you 40 hours.

If they say they can give you full time they really mean 32-35 hours. Anything past 32 hours is a stretch and upper management will hound your manager then your manager will fold. I was able to get close to 40 hours some weeks only due to lack of coworkers for a limited time.
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It’s an okay place to work for

Chipotle is nice, whenever you have supportive coworkers and not those ghetto unfriendly ones that just stare at you and don’t offer any help. As for the company they seem to be ok. They feed you which i think it’s the only reason i would tolerate the uneducated and stupidity from their customers.
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Competitive pay and decent people

Fast past environment but management changes a lot. A good place to teach you decent work ethic. Most of the people you work with are fun and make it worth it
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horrible management

Managing is extremely unorganized and doesn't know what they're doing most of the time. Horrible scheduling, either they schedule too little people or too many people.
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Great experience

Great place, was fun and productive when I worker there. Manager/supervisors were great and worked with your schedule. The coworkers were like family.
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Very Busy but Great Management

I worked with this company for 3 years and it's a great place to work if you enjoy being busy. However, it can get overwhelming sometimes but the management team do their best to relieve the burdens of their team.
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Good food, good team, friendly. Depends the day we have day slow and day busy. Tip is cheap. The manager so nice. The team helped alot with everything.
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Long days and no support

Overwhelming and stressful but you meet great people that make it worth it. Upper management usually sucks and I had to leave because of it. Pay was pretty good but not worth the stress.
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Toxic work environment

Over worked and underpaid. Management doesn't appreciate any work done. Management is constantly threatening workers with termination and less hours. Average employee never gets full time. Most employees who request full time work get around 15-20 hrs per week. Management is constantly saying they don't have enough hours for workers to even get 30 hrs per week. Corporate doesn't regulate management. Very toxic work environment.

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Free lunch

Eksi Yönleri

Toxic work environment and culture
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Can Easily move up

The company gives many ways to move up within and really wants you to grow with them. Can easily reach 80k+ in 3-4 years starting from crew. Not a bad career.
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Busy Busy Busy

Rude managers who except you to get every thing done before a specific time while you’re taking care of customers every 5 seconds. Not all of them were like that but a few. It can be fun if it’s a slower day and you’re able to get tasks done properly and in a timely fashion. The communication was lacking specifically between cash and managers which led to a poor working environment. It honestly depends who you work with and the stores daily throughput. Pay isn’t horrible but sometimes I wonder if the workload is even worth it.
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High pace

I worked at Chipotle while I studied in college and had a positive experience. The role is high pace and can be physically demanding. Having a good team will make your time there much better.
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