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Cool people to work with

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Excellent people to work with but really short-staffed at the Dunkin I worked, horrible management as well. On busy days some co-workers wouldn't show up and management wouldn't do anything about it. You end up doing the job of multiple people.
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Honestly not that great

I worked at the Merritt Southbound New Canaan location and management was not that great. First, I got my weekly schedule a day in advance, which made it hard to schedule appointments and coordinate plans. And when I did ask for time off, it wasn't always honored, even if it was for a doctor's appointment. I prefer to have my work schedule at least a week in advance, which makes scheduling and planning out my week so much easier. Because we were so short-staffed, I was often asked to come in last minute and stay longer, and I was there with maybe one other person, two others at best. Breaks were not guaranteed because of how short-staffed we were. I worked 10 hours one day without any breaks because someone called in last minute, so I had to stay. I don't recommend working here until management gets a grip!

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Nice co-workers

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Breaks not guaranteed, schedule not given with enough notice, frequent last-minute call ins
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Really just depends on management

It can get really stressful during rushes but overall it's pretty easy and the pay is fine I'll never turn down free coffee that's probably the most enjoyable part the least enjoyable is really usually just management
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First Job Regret - Wouldn't Recommend

Working at Dunkin was my first job when I was 18 and it was overall a terrible experience. The store was run by previous management terribly, training was minimal, self-reliant and very disorganized. Constantly overworked, over scheduled, underpaid (minimum wage at the time), was almost impossible to get day's off or vacation time approved, and overall just a terrible working experience. I was there for over a year and half and it never changed. The work you are required to do in comparison to the treatment by staff and compensation for your services is extremely unproportional. Maybe this was just the experience at my location on 97 Park ave, but it ruined ever going into the food industry for me again!!
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Love it!

The manager and team were great! Your jobs includes many duties so sometimes it was hard to keep up. But at the same time the team that has been working there for a while will assist you with things you do not know.
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fun but awful management

was fun to work at for a little bit. co workers were fun to work with if you were able to get along with them during rushes. management was terrible. avoid if you can.
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Great Job, Terrible Pay

I love Dunkin and always have. The job is easy and fun, however even as assistant manager the pay is terrible in this franchise. You get no pto, no benefits, no time and a half on holidays, and your base pay is $14/hr as assistant!
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Great experience

The job itself isn’t too bad, not too much to remember especially cause the same few things get ordered repeatedly. However the company/franchise is one I’ll never work for again.
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No good leaders

Easy enough job but too much work and no good leaders. They don’t train; we don’t ever know what’s new products are selling until we see on menu board. They hire frequently but no one stays on so work is harder.
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I spend many years at DD and for me it was very rewarding

What is the best part of working at the company?Early am schedule was great. Met a lot of people and made many friends along the way. But professionally I grew as a professional What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When having to operate without staffWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Results and customer oriented companyWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Early am schedule, serve breakfast and coffee beverages to customers
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fun work place

It was super chill staff with flexible shifts, good hours, and good communication. We got paid weekly which was nice. We got to pick our shifts and do what worked for us.
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Fun Workplace Where You Can Meet New Friends

My favorite part about working at Dunkin' is the flexibility you can get with the time of your shifts. I personally love mornings so I was able to start at 4am and be done with my workday by 2pm at the latest, but we are open until 9pm so really any shift but night shift is an option. I also love how easy it is to move up in management and how everyone is always so excited to show you new skills. The hardest part of the job sometimes is maintaining a positive attitude when you have had multiple unhappy customers take their anger out on you for a small mistake. On the other hand the easiest part of the job is being able to talk to people the entire time you're there and making lasting connections with customers and your coworkers. All in all Dunkin' has been my favorite job and I hope to help continue the positive outlook it has to offer!

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Employee drinks/ meals; Opportunity for growth

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Benefits for anyone who is not a General Manager
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Simple Work

It’s a good, easy, & sometimes fun job. The environment depends solely on management, and work place drama. Very easy to make the drinks & the register is simple once you learn it.
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Great place to work. Love the regulars. Not so fond of the lack of communication from uppers.

Typical day. Come in and get everything ready to open the store at 5am. 5 rolls around and it’s solid wrapped till around noon. Sometimes later. Finally then some relax time and get things cleaned up and filled up. Count drawers and make sure our ordering is done for the following day. The most enjoyable part of my job is getting to see my regulars and creating bonds with them. The hardest part of the job was the lack of training.

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No breaks. Only minors.
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Fun workplace

Nice coworkers, clean environment, and willing to work around your vacations etc. Sometimes I wish they had more items in stock, we used to run out of things way before the next truck delivery which led to upset customers.
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it was okay

good for a first job it could either be very laid back or very fast paced depending on if youre in morning or closing shifts management was okay for a bit until my store kept getting new a manager every 2 months then it went downhill
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Wouldn't recommend

I wouldn't recommend working here. The workplace culture was toxic, there was constant drama among employees. There was high turnover for a number of reasons.
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Worst company I have ever worked for

Please do not work here. Some of the managers were great but that couldn’t make up for the poor overall company culture. This company treats its employees terribly.

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Free coffee

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Toxic workplace culture
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Ok job

Good job if there is nothing else to do, pay isn't very high. Relatively easy neighborhood, can get busy at times. Probably best for someone just looking to make extra money or part-time student.
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Bad coworker dynamics

The way coworkers interacted with eachother was unprofessional and uncomfortable almost every day. I could only stay for a month before it got too stressful.
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the management at the store are liars and have no care abt their employees even if they have to call out for a rlly bad situation in their personal lives
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