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Was an ok first job

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I worked at Jimmy Johns while I was in high school. It was a pretty easy job. I was there for less than five months because I received another job offer. My duties mostly included cleaning and wrapping sandwiches. They didn't trust me to cut or make sandwiches unless we were super busy.

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Easy going, and helpful coworkers

Eksi Yönleri

PICs aren't the best managers
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Easy job

Working as a delivery driver at Jimmy John's has been fantastic! Fast-paced, friendly colleagues, and delicious sandwiches make every shift a pleasure.
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great place, friendly staff, good hours good pay would recommend to others. awesome food and managers, would love to meet jj sometime for lunch. great staff
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Fun place to work

Very fun place to work for temporary time and will get to meet many great people. It can be stressful at times with how busy things get but aside from that it’s a very fun place to work at.
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Loved this job

I genuinely loved my job and would still happily be here had some restructuring not changed things. The culture was fantastic and management cares. Unfortunately, a new supervisor made it no longer a professional environment I could work in. This is a company that is fantastic to work for under the right ownership and leaders. The only downside is that most franchises have their GMs on a 50 hour minimum contracted week, and that can easily lead to burnout if you’re not careful.
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I loved working here

I had the best time working here while on college! They were able to work with my busy schedule and provide with with the work like balance I needed!
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Fast & Fun/Competitive Workplace

Good fast paced job during rush hours. But it can be slow throughout the day, you usually always have something to do to keep your mind occupied during the slow hours. People are pretty cool, management is good
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Barkley location has fantastic management

Relatively easy job. Tips aren't always the best, but can be great when it's busy. Current management is very good at their jobs. Wants the best for employees. Helpful with time off, training, being sick. Highly recommend if you're looking for a starter job.
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Easy job, pay isn’t the best, tips fluctuate day to day, management could be better, not asked about hours we’re able to work, over all good environment
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Mid place

They say pay is competitive but it's not. You get 10$ an hour period. You have to fight for a raise and even then it's only whenever you're deciding to quit when they finally give one. The turnover rate here is so high they just look at you as if you're a number in the system. Owner of these locations is a super cool guy though. Jimmy johns is a super chill place to work honestly. Great if you're going to school but that's about it. Do not work here if you're actually looking to make even slightly decent money.
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working at jimmy johns has been the most normal experience. Manager sucks and requesting time off also does. Everyone hates working here but doesnt have a choice
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Solid gig

I worked this job in high school and it paid for my gas so I encourage any other 16 year old to pursue this. The bread is so good and you get to take some home for free
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Good first Job

I worked at Jimmy Johns for almost a year, and I really really enjoyed it. There were some interesting hires who came in and out, which was one thing I didn’t enjoy, they hire a lot of young people which usually is fine, but sometimes there would be drama. They don’t necessarily train you, they put you to work and you learn from your mistakes. Not very good pay but the experience is worth it.
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Extremely poor communication and lacking professionalism.

Generally speaking they will hire anyone with a pulse. Then they will expect a new hire to just start working. They give little to no training. It can be pretty chaotic and loud most days. If you are efficient then they rely on you to do more work than most everyone else for the same pay. Inconsistent scheduling. Pay is competitive for the area I suppose, but still not equivalent for the work. The turnover is ridiculous since it's in a university town. Owners and high management do very little to help you feel important and the position is unfulfilling. Climbing the ladder is virtually impossible. Overall, not worth the time and energy.

Artı Yönleri

Free food

Eksi Yönleri

No breaks, no benefits, no respect, mid pay
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Easy, low stress job

Doesn't take much to do well, there's not much expected of you in all honesty. Just show up, do your job, and get paid. Not the best money, but very flexible and forgiving.
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Great out of school job

Learned some great skills. The manager was always easy to work with and very flexible around college classes. Very fun environment, glad i had the opportunity to work there.
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Long hours but rewarding

Can be stressful at times with staffing issues but overall the job is fun and upper management cares and helps when needed. Pay is good and a nice bonus structure
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fun managers, relaxed environment

great job for some extra cash on the side. Managers are very agreeable, understandable about schedules, and helpful. coworkers are enjoyable and willing
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Absolute trash place to work, theirs hardly ever any proper communication. They’ll make promises to you and don’t pay fair at all. If you wanna get screwed over on your paycheck and treated like garbage this is the place for you.
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The pay wasn’t the best but the environment was chill and the people were fun to work with. It was to have flexible shifts but it could be hard for find coverage.
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Fun place

Good place to work especially when you just need some money coming in. Pretty laidback depending on your location. Management is always changing though.
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