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Was an ok first job

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I worked at Jimmy Johns while I was in high school. It was a pretty easy job. I was there for less than five months because I received another job offer. My duties mostly included cleaning and wrapping sandwiches. They didn't trust me to cut or make sandwiches unless we were super busy.

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Easy going, and helpful coworkers

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PICs aren't the best managers
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Always fun to work at

It was okay I always knew what to do and the managers were nice. They do stand up to their employees with certain types of customers (which is nice).

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You get 50% off your meal

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You have to word that day to get the 50% off discount
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Very fun

It’s fun here and a good place to work and it is fun and i craft my sandwich to perfection to please my costumers. Staff and sandwich perfection is my goal
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Enjoyable place to work

Loved working here! The management was amazing and they always took care of us. They worked around my school schedule and cared about us as people. Truly a happy family and I’d go back in a heart beat
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Okay as a student but that’s it.

It’s a flexible job if you’re a student but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise because the pay is so low. No health benefits. Not a lot of room for advancement. When I worked there, the manager had a superiority complex and started drama with anyone who didn’t bend over for him. If you’re looking for something easy while you’re in school or part time, it’s not bad. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it to be long term.

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Discounts on products, free bread at the end of the day

Eksi Yönleri

No pay raises. No benefits. You have to use your own vehicle. Low pay.
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Best job

Loved it! If I had one near me I’d go work there again best company to work for!! Worked for Jjs since I was 14 to 18 definitely recommend to any young kid wanting to get a first job
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Fun Workplace/Low Stress

Easily the best job I had as a student. The staff at the time had a great camaraderie and looked out for each other. Management was involved but chill. Overall not a bad gig for a student
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Fun for a bit, pay could be better and actually keeping people until their scheduled time would’ve been really nice fun staff for the most part lots of interesting people
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Not worth your time.

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing. Underpaid and under trained the managers will illegally mess with you hours to control labor costs.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Under staffed and undertrained.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly but treated like you an idiot by upper management.
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So much fun!

Its upsetting to me that Jimmy Johns will not allow any substitutions even when they are making two sandwiches. Like if one person wants cheese and the other doesn't. Just give the cheese to the other sandwich. Why is it so difficult?
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I really enjoyed working at Jimmy John's for the 3 months I worked there. The manager and owners were nice to me a day helpful if I ever needed anything
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Fun, boring, and sometimes stressful.

Worked for JJ a while ago. Good coworkers were eventually replaced with bad coworkers which made the job much worse. Job could get boring when slow. I was eventually forced to drive and i didn't like that as it wasn't what i signed up for. Depending on where and who the job could be very bad and not even worth it. Overall a good entry job for anyone just entering work if you have good coworkers and managers.
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Fun workplace

When I worked here, the environment was great. I enjoyed the work, it was fun to learn and get better at the job, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a job while in school.
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Fast & Fun/Competitive Workplace

Good fast paced job during rush hours. But it can be slow throughout the day, you usually always have something to do to keep your mind occupied during the slow hours. People are pretty cool, management is good
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Solid gig

I worked this job in high school and it paid for my gas so I encourage any other 16 year old to pursue this. The bread is so good and you get to take some home for free
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Good first Job

I worked at Jimmy Johns for almost a year, and I really really enjoyed it. There were some interesting hires who came in and out, which was one thing I didn’t enjoy, they hire a lot of young people which usually is fine, but sometimes there would be drama. They don’t necessarily train you, they put you to work and you learn from your mistakes. Not very good pay but the experience is worth it.
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Fun place to work for short periods

I worked for Jimmy John's in college and I enjoyed the structured but paid back environment. The shirts were never too long and driving was fun. I was respected
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poor pay, overclean the same areas

this job was poor pay for the terrible management & would be forced to clean the same things over and over again every hour even if nobody had came into the store that hour.
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Fun good management

Fun easy place to work with good management. If you have half a brain this job is easy, listen to your Managers and work with your coworkers and it should be no problem. The only issue is when your coworkers get lazy and more work falls on your lap.
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Fun workplace, poor benefits and pay

Only suitable for high-school and college students - not a place to work if you need a liveable wage unless you run the store.The only benefit I recall was getting a free sandwich if working 8+ hour shift.
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Cool and fun place I like it quite a bit. Good tunes, times, people and no disgusting grease traps. Bosses are all cool and it’s fairly laid back. Highly recommend
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