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Deliver sodas two different type of grocery stores and Mom and Pop stores. Some days you mite just go out with few stops for the day so you mite work 3to5 hours so someday weeks you will not get 40 hours
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Toxic work environment.

At first you think this ant bad then the ugly truth is exposed from sorry employes to lower pay any where else. They want u to work 7 days a week if you let them and if you buck the system they find a way to get rid of you like the good old boy system.
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Management changes constantly, rules change day to day. Retaliation happens when you speak up. Made to do double job duties but no compensation for doing 2 jobs. Lack of respect from Sales Manager and Director. When you contact HR or Speak up hotline you don't get a response unless it is to be defensive when they are wrong. Everyone points their finger at others and no managers are held accountable for what they do.
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No work life balance

Recruiting is so slow at bringing in new people they are constantly short staffed which leads to mandatory overtime and no work/life balance. You spend your time at work with frontline responsibilities and have to find time at night or on weekends to complete your own tasks.
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Good place to work and potentially retire from

As a bulk driver my day is pretty easy. 5-7 stops a day. Manual unload with electric pallet jack. Worst part is checking in at the receivers. Or the occasional not optional 6 days a week. Day can be as long as I make it. If I want an 8 and skate, cool. If I want overtime and it is available, cool. Everyone is pretty nice, the warehouse could smell better though. Trucks and trailers are decent. Truly one of the easiest trucking jobs I have ever had. Just wish my hourly was higher, but beverage tends to always pay less than other trucking sectors.

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Discounts, 2 weeks vacations, benefits DAY ONE, weekly pay

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Receivers, yard jockey is slow, have to cover your own butt.
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Down Hill Slope

After 15 years it's time to leave. Fleet is falling apart. Management was gutted. People getting hurt due to awful fleet. It's just not a team effort anymore with the sales staff that are the ultimate source of our income, they don't care.
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POOR management

This job would be good if it wasn't for the poor management. The company speaks to value of wellness, inclusion, and collaboration but does not enforce this on management. Higher ups see it happening and turn their head, contributing to a toxic work place. The people ignoring it are just as bad as the toxic managers by not stepping in. The Company meeting was forced attendance with over 1k people and no safety protocols. The meeting ended in a Super Spreader event (protected by required waivers for mandatory attendance) and no communication has gone out to people notifying them of exposure risk.
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Good coworkers terrible hours

Way too many hours. The job is great if you like working a lot of overtime. Short handed most of the time so everyone who shows up gets stuck working 12-16 a day. You work till you get done. Coworkers and bosses were good
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Don’t work here pay is horrible they work you to death and by time you get off your to tired to do anything or have family time management sucks as well as equipment
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Life draining environment

Be prepared to work overtime every single day. If you have kids, you wont see them, theyll work you 20 hrs a day and expect you to come in the next day and work another 20. Youll easily get over 80hrs a week and barely be able to function most of the time.
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Working on machines, producing coffeeLearned factory workManagement was unpleasant most timesCulture was unpleasantHardest part, being trained the correct wayEnjoyed my peers and good pay
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Decent Salary but poor management

The company has too many paper work and is too bureaucratic. There are some problems with the management and due to that some union conventions are broken. Training is poor. Some co-workers are helpful and some are not. You do get free coffee in the cafeteria if you like coffee.
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Stay away

You make good money but it’s because you are being over worked. You’re doing the job for two people they are extremely short staffed so you pull the weight of two drivers. Management is a joke and all over the place. The trucks can easily cost you your license and life. But they want you to drive them anyway. They don’t expect you to have a life or emergencies. The company is sinking and fast avoid at all cost not just the one in Michigan but apparently other locations as well.

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Very bad leadership

The company has no focus no priorities. Try to do too many things at once forcing employees to work 7 days a week. They have a bad culture so they sick lawyers on you if you step out of line. Very litigious place and if you can't afford lawyers then don't work there because you might need them. KDP thinks they own employees. It's really bad.
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People keep quitting KDP so those who are still here are now working more than one job. Bonuses were not paid in full and they won't be next year either. Male dominant culture. Very risky from a health perspective - no vax required, no health screening the company doesn't care about employees health and safety. There is no communication or respect from top management.
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Poor Management that is never evaluated

Managers make decisions based on biased complaints. Appears that company policy is to not listen to both sides of a situation; they hear a rumor, make a decision and go with it. So if an employee has conflict with another employee, whoever gets to the manager first "wins". Also, GOSSIP rules. It is amazing how many in management and senior leadership listen to and spread gossip. If you complain about a gossiping manager, forget it. You will be out the door quickly.
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Bcp de respect

Sécurité, respect, bonne gestion, lieux propres et bien entretenu

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Salaire, avantages sociaux

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Employees are rude...disresptful

Poor leadership in management...needs to be union...very hostile environment...they put Temps over direct favoritism...lazy employees...not a good place to be proud of.
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Terrible culture and awful management

Management is only looking out for themselves. They don’t care to grow their people. One of the worst company experiences I have ever had. Strongly regret my time with this company.
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Careless management and terrible point system

A call out is two points and seven points equals termination . You accumulate sick time slowly and you have to wait a whole year to get your points back once used . The management doesn’t check up with you to see how you’re doing they only care about their big machines and the dress code is weird and unorganized it’s a new rule everyday
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Lack of communication and employees

Typically dont het help with stores and the salespeople order way to much just to boost there commissions over all not a bad job but definitely room for improvement

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Lack of communication
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