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Worth it until something better else comes along.
Internet Assessor (Eski Çalışan) –  New York, NY1 Mart 2019
I worked for Lionbridge for a year in 2015 as an "Internet Assessor". This is a telecommute position where you work from home. The position basically entails looking at a google search query (for example, the query could be "chocolate chip cookie recipes"), and then two sets of google search results. You then have roughly 5 - 7 minutes to decide which set of search results is better. This sounds simple in theory, however the way you decide which set of results is better is based off of a large set of rules in a manual they'll send you in .pdf format. There's a ton of rules you have to memorize and to top it off, they are constantly updating the rules, so you'll have to remember to unlearn old rules.

Even though you work from home, this is a very stressful job. Every two weeks (it might of been every week, I can't remember since it's been a while), you and your co-workers will attend an online webinar in a large chatroom where you'll get the results of your work through e-mail and they will tell you the "right" answers of which results sides should have been marked as better, much the way a teacher reads the correct answers of an exam aloud after you get them back. The stressful part is, if you get too many wrong answers, you get put under review and eventually fired.

It's also stressful because the search queries aren't always simple as "chocolate chip cookie recipes" or "Lady Gaga", you'll sometimes end up with very difficult queries that will require you to do research (google, Wikipedia, WebMD, etc.,). Keep in mind that you'll be doing this under a time limit.

  daha fazla I would say the pay for the job is a bit unfair because you have to study a manual of rules if you want to have any chance of not getting put under review (and probably fired). You don't get paid while studying the manual. You have to do it in your own time.

As for the hours, you have to do 20 hours a week. If you're good at the job, I think they'll let you go over that maximum. You also get to set your own hours pretty much.

All in all, I would say this is a decent gig if you have a breadth of knowledge in many different subjects and you only want/need 20 hours of work a week. However, I wouldn't recommend it for a college student because you have enough stuff to study already.

If my review is in someway making you have second thoughts about applying, just apply. Depending on how you list it on your resume, this job is a nice stepping stone towards getting a desk job in an office, whether it be Data Entry or IT. You can make it sound really impressive to interviewers.
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Choose your own hours.
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Unpaid time studying a book of rules.
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Great schedule and easy job
Search Engine Evaluator (Eski Çalışan) –  Mesa, AZ19 Eylül 2019
I worked here for over two years. My only complaints would be that the hiring process took so long and the process was very complicated and confusing. It also took a while sometimes to get support from the staff because of the time difference, but they were always very helpful and friendly. I loved being able to make my own schedule and work whenever I had time. This is a great part-time job for a busy parent or student.
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Make your own schedule
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Easy work
Ads Evaluator (Güncel Çalışan) –  Smyrna, GA17 Eylül 2019
Good part time job to bring in extra income. Wouldn't be a sufficient stand alone job for a family. Make your own hours, occasional overtime if you want it.
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