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Internet Assessor
Internet Assessor (Güncel Çalışan) –  Las Vegas, NV29 Mayıs 2017
I love this job and the work is easy as long as you follow the guidelines. I have been working as an internet assessor for over a year. I am a mom of two and I am also taking college courses online, so this is the perfect job for me. There is no phone work and I can work around my schedule. The pay is decent I've even gotten bonus' on two occasions. The company has just recently made the independent contractors part-time employees, so I'm not sure how that works in regard to advancement opportunities. I've never had a problem acquiring tasks except on some Sundays, so I just plan not to expect that there will be work on Sundays, but if there is then that's great. Overall, there is really nothing to complain about.
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Flexibility, Non phone work, Training and Webinars
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Non yet
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I've had better
Drafter/Designer (Eski Çalışan) –  Columbus, IN19 Kasım 2019
Some of the newer managers do not know what to do & rely heavily on current staff. This makes work more stressful when you are required to do the management job duties.
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Misleading advertising of pay rate for online workers
Internet Safety Assessor (Eski Çalışan) –  Home Based19 Kasım 2019
I applied for a job as internet safety assessor. The advertised pay rate was £9.30 per hour. In my experience this was a misleading pay rate as I will describe below.
I spent around 35 hours doing their first 3 online exams. In the 3rd exam you are actually doing tasks that are very similar to live work. In the exam you are given 2 hours to completed each task. The exam seemed hard to me and I used most of the time available
As soon as you work live the time they give you to do each task drops to 8 minutes!! That's 15 times faster.
The catch is that you cannot bill Lionbridge for more than the time that they give you to do the task. So, if they estimate 8 minutes but it takes you 25 minutes then that's tough. You will only get paid for 8 and will have worked 17 minutes for nothing.
I very quickly worked out that, even if i speeded up from my exam speed by a factor of 3 the best I could do an 8 minute task in was around 30 minutes. So, if I worked for 60 minutes I would get paid for 16 minutes. That actually works out at £2.48 per hour. I very quickly said, "no thanks, I don't need to work for that hourly rate".
The tip is to know the difference in expected speed between the exam and live rating work. If you go into it knowing this then you might be ok.
Good luck.
The people I dealt with via email were helpful and quite responsive.
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