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Mondelez International manufactures and markets food and beverage products in around 165 countries across the globe. The company holds the number one biscuits, chocolate and candy market share globally and the number two global position in gum. The company's portfolio features seven billion-dollar brands, including Cadbury, Nabisco, Oreo, and Trident, – daha fazla and another 44 brands that each generate revenues of over $100 million. Mondelez focuses on maintaining the speed, creativity, and agility of a small company while capitalizing on the scale and resources of a global powerhouse.

The health insurance is a highlight for employees at Mondelez, as is the paid vacation -- three weeks to start. The company also offers matching on 401(k) plans, and there is reportedly a gas reimbursement and a company vehicle for certain positions.

Employee experiences vary widely across positions, but many like the "attractive training system, challenging environment," and "ambitious projects." Others highlight that Mondelez "invests in creative ideas and supports talented employees." However, there is some uncertainty around the "constant company restructuring," and others find that "management isn't always on the same page."
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