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Just opinion.

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There are good service at Pander and nice passion to costumes. Everyone work hard includ the management. Our team work together. Hardest part is breaking not enough.
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Ok place to work

Not to bad not to great. lots of things could be better. pay is good for the work you do. you cant accept tips most of the time. customers can be annoying.
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Good for first time job experience

Great place to start for a first-time job. this location was considered a training store when I was there, but that was pre-COVID so not sure if that has changed.
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Good pay but rocky management.

Overall I enjoyed working here, especially when I first started. But as you go on you start to see the flaws of management. A lot of managers only care about money which can effect how the store runs. I really loved my manager at my first location, and I was so glad I didn't have a manager like all the other horror stories I've heard. Now I'm at a different location and I have a cheap and rude manager. He even went as far as not turning on the AC, until 4 of my coworkers fainted.
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Place is good just a log work

Is a good place for work but a the coworkers is good It's usually always full so you have to learn to work on pricingbut the pay is good and so is the food
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Short staffed

Horrible place to work. Short staffed, no organization and a complete mess with outside orders. Absolutely would not recommend this job to anyone. Look elsewhere.
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Decent pay decent hours

Management is terrible worth ethics from coworkers not good picking up slack all the day fluctuates... Best part of the day is free food worst part of the day is bad-mouth customers
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good pay but no work life balance

compensation and benefits are good,Management can be very micromanaging and toxicthere is no work/life balance, if you're a workaholic you'll fit here it's a secure job and the environment really depends on the store manager

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potential good bonus

Eksi Yönleri

no work life balance
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It's alright

Panda Express is a fun place to work but, I only feel that way because of my coworkers. I am friends with most of them and if I wasn't, I would be bored.
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Labor Practice Violations

Management makes you work unpaid overtime. They make you lie and say you are not working and clock out, but you are still working and trying to finish to close the store.
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Decent Job

It was a great job, but management changed and got a lot stricter. I would say it was still a good job, because you can eat as much as you want. You get a 10 minute break over the course of one 6-7 hour shift.
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Pay was great, management different story…

I thought that the pay starting was fantastic and the work wasn’t so bad for the wage. However after about a year of working here the General Manager left and I realized how bad management was with the new manager and we starting losing employees almost every week. I think with the right management the job is excellent for the price!
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Productive and very active you will not have time to rest until your break, if you don’t work more then 8 hours taking a 10 is looked down upon

Overall a job that is going to put you to work and have you understand what it’s like to live the life of a working class member understand this isn’t just some easy minimum wage job there all there as a team going to work and producing things out of there manual labor these workers make the stores lots of money they need more organizations within the resteruants managers and workers to help the workers as a whole who can’t afford Medicare like me and many others.
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Fast paced fun work environment

The job is very fast paced always busy and if there is any downtime there’s always something to do the pay is good and the people are great. Flexible scheduling and work is always fun
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Multitasking, management is good, the busier it is the better, the most enjoyable part is becoming close with associates. This job is good if you like rushes.
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Proactive training leadership within the company Andrew Cherng has inspired me to learn to think out of the box and learn how to build my own company

So positive very challenging a day of work would be cooking teaching ordering multitasking hiring learning grand openings training and promotion traveling seeing other stores helping other managers take thier paid breaks team work leadership building skill training such a positive atmosphere

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Good pay

Eksi Yönleri

Long hours
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Fun place to work

ProGreat food, you get to meet people all the time The pay is okay The work isn’t too difficult The location is cool The worker are nice and great to work with
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Very good it was very fun and enjoyed it. It was hard cleaning it. It was hard with clients. The food was very good and got to eat a lot. I sat in the food bowls some times.
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Walking on eggshells

Felt like I went backwards as a manager and not able to actually do management duties without authorization from supervisor.Hiring process is a joke.Day to day is easy enough.

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Pay for hours worked instead of salary

Eksi Yönleri

You will work 80 to 100 hours, be asked for more, then told your not doing enough for the company
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Shift lead

The pay was good. Got along w most co workers I loved when it was busy made.time go by fast . Only thing I didn't like is.if someone has been working there longer than u they will try to punk u and try to make u stay on the register your whole shift
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Fine job horrible management

The job itself is fine. Stereotypical food service management doesn’t care about you or what you want: days off good luck , reasonable hours funny, you have school which they say is fine with them to work around nah straight lies, I’ve had 2 managers at my store and more than enough assistant managers all I hope to say is pray you get one of the few good one because if you do you’re gonna have a great time.
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