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Just opinion.

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There are good service at Pander and nice passion to costumes. Everyone work hard includ the management. Our team work together. Hardest part is breaking not enough.
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Paid well but sacrifice a lot

If you’re willing to sell your soul for some money and buy into their “culture” that no ACOs believe follow then the job is for you. Benefits and pay are great, just know it comes with a cost.
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Trying to better a new technique and be better at a job that I can do

I like being a kitchen leader I like to try to teach new people that's walking in and do not know what to do I like prepping and I'm most definitely love cooking
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very nice environment to work at and everyone was very accepting. i really enjoyed working at panda express because everyone was your friend and it didn’t feel like work.
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Pretty Decent

My time at Panda Express was fine. My coworkers were good and helped me if I did not quite get something. For a first job I don't have any complaints
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positive environment

very positive environment and a lot of staff support. I was never alone and always had support. the pay is also very good. management is top of the line.
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Great place

I absolutely love working at Panda, great management, fun environment, and amazing people. You get any time off if needed, management is super understanding as well.
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the pay is nice and the people are friendly

i know all experiences are different but mine was quite enjoyable and wouldn't mind returning if the opportunity finds itself back to me. the hour options could be better as 12 hour shifts tend to be common, but with the rush of the restaurant it goes by quickly. the pay is quite competitive in my area making it a nice fit for college students
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Fun at times

There were management issues, but a very productive job. I learned how to do several tasks well, even under pressure. The employees were questionable.
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rude customers ALL day - and I do mean ALL day. This was a third party call center- management was cool but employees of Panda were rude as well. A lot of these angry customers didnt have to be angry
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“I recently dined at [RestaurantName] and was thoroughly impressed by both the exquisite cuisine and the impeccable service. The menu showcased a variety of innovative dishes, blending bold flavors and beautiful presentation. The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensured that our meal was a memorable one, providing excellent recommendations and ensuring our satisfaction. I can’t recommend [RestaurantName] enough for a fantastic dining experience.”
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Busy lot of work . Decent money

Decent pay , a lot do work. Staff like family but it keep the job going. Could be fun at times but also a lot of standards to uphold. Growth opportunities are there
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Productive, great first job

Very fast paced, time goes by quick. Everyone was super friendly and always willing to help. Always ask questions. Lots of opportunities to grow and move up from positions.
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Sloppy, un organized, lazy, and negative

A typical day at work was understaffed and stressful. I believe I learned how to be fast and work better under pressure. Management was very unprofessional things like not helping the employees when needed giving out brakes and lunches hours past the time they should have been received. Sleeping with coworkers and not treating everyone equally when it came to the rules. Then there’s the hardest part of the job and I think that was trying to be motivated to go to work due to the stress, sloppiness, negativity, understaffed, and not getting your brakes on time ever. Knowing that your life is going to be miserable as soon as you clock in. I believe one of the things that was even harder was being hired on with a set schedule due to outside of work things like taking care of a child and then getting your schedule changed ever week was difficult. I will say the most enjoyable part of the job was having some coworkers that you could depend on or a couple coworkers that I became friends with that made the day a little better.

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Free food, good pay, and hot food

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Late brakes, bad management, and negativity
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Great bonus and good benefits

Always learning and lots of room for advancement. A lot or requirements that is needed. Good system in place to grow professionally. No work life balance

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Free meal

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No work like balance
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Fun workplace

Fun experience with coworkers. It’s a part-time job mainly for young adults fresh out of highschool. If you want some experience in retail this is prob the place to go.
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Ok job

Ok job. Busy days make the day go by fast. Management is ok. The closing of the restaurant can be stressful if not enough people on the clock. Overall ok
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Pay isn’t bad and hours are pretty flexible

The biggest thing influencing how much I’ve enjoyed working here is the management, they move managers around stores often and so even if you have a manager you like they’ll get replaced with a bad one within a few months and then the cycle continues. What keeps me here right now is simply the fact that I can get my hours and the pay is good for fast food work. Fellow employees are pretty great to work with, it’s just the management that is a pain to deal with.

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Free meal on shift

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Busy busy busy

Decent pay, and decent hours, rush hours are stressful and morning shift vs afternoon shift are completely diffrent stories. I think they should pay afternoon workers more for the end of the day cleaning that morning doesn't have to do.
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Growth Opportunity/Fast paced

Incentives are good if yoy AM/manager . Growth opportunity is great. Managers are helpful in training for the growth of you carrier within the company.
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fast paced

Very fast paced environment. There is a lot to learn working here and it is a great opportunity for someone looking for their first job. I gained a lot of skills from this job.
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