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Fun fast moving work environment

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Good job to learn customer service and team building skills. Great leadership from management and flexible working hours and with staff willing to learn.

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Free lunch

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Hourly pay
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Stressful, disengaged, cliquey, micromanaged, etc.

Working here truly sucked. There was always someone talking behind your back. No team work, no respect, no breaks, management was TERRIBLE! There was no communication, no one cared. This seriously was the worst job I have ever had, and I’ve had ALOT of bad jobs. 0 stars if I could.

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Discounted food

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No breaks, terrible management, biased, drama, pay
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Solid workplace

Pretty cool many moons ago, when hazelnut cream cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, panzanella with buffalo mozzarella, CINNAMON CHIP SCONES were still it. Now, pizzas. Shameful
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Fast Paced and Great

Overall I had a great experience working here. It was a great high school and college job to get me through. Management could have been better near the end, but it is a fast food place. Great people and met some of my best friends there. I definitely recommend working here.
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RVP’s and upper management are not professional

I worked in upper management and I hear RVP’s bad mouth other department managers and employees in front of customers and other employees. Upper management use staff against each other. Morale is bad. Good people are leaving because they are treated badly. VP’s are letting go of good people. It’s a bad situation and do not work here.
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Bad management

While working here isn’t bad after you learn to deal with customers who treat you bad Working with managers who are bad at there job is worse because now the whole place is disorganized
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Good place to work.

It was a good place to work. Fellow employees were fun to interact with. Management was hit or miss. Work load could be easy or hard, depending on who worked before you.
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Not a lot of hours

There was a lot of training for this job; however, I felt like I was not given the appropriate number of hours. I was in want of full-time but barely ever hit 30 hours.
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Easy going

My experience at Panera bread was generally positive. I worked there for a year and was okay with the working conditions and salary. Working as a driver
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Enjoyed my PB Experience

I worked here for about three years off and on and it was a good experience. My pay steadily increased over time and loved my coworkers. Management was okay for the most part.
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Honestly was an awful mistake to work there

This is probably very specific to the Medford location, so if you're looking at a different location, take this with a grain of salt. But I had a horrible time, my management was awful, they weren't considerate of any employees and we were barely trained before we opened. Having 15-20 people quit within the first few weeks just shows how bad it is. I didn't like working for panera in general either. They pushed a lot of Christian values, and I don't think it's appropriate to have it be that prominent in work training videos.

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Nice coworkers

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You don't get your two 10s very often
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No future anymore

I was a long time manager at Panera in various locations. Around 2008 it was a great place to work. Once the founder went and sold the company it became a very different experience. Everything that was a core value was changed or eliminated. Cheap supplies and tools/ equipment are now normal. Raises and bonuses became very hard to achieve and many senior staff who had tenure were forced out.
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Fun people, long hours and low pay

Growth in the company is hard, even though they drive home that they promote from within. Customers are often the more well-off crowds who also tend to treat restaurant staff poorly.
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Cool perks corporate structure

I revived a $25 Amazon gift card for most lemonades sold. Breaks were structured and well planed. Typical work day include expo on orders and taking people orders as well as assisting with payments. The hardest part was the uniforms being hot in the summer.
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first job is solid

it is a lot better now but when i used to work there it was tough. the kiosks make life so much easier since customers can just pay and order there so lets you do more
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This company treats their people really well! I love my team and all of the managers! Very flexible and approachable. I have only positives to say about Panera.
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Basic job

Good job for high schoolOr early college kids. No room to grow, very routine tasks and micro managed. But can be a good way to make a few friends. Not much to the job
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Not bad work environment very easy and fun not too hard and nice coworkers easy to learn the job and have new skills for later on in life nice mangers
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Great place

I love everything about this job 100% recommend! Great bosses, and a very positive work environment. I feel like I’m a part of something great and fulfilling!
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Good place to work in high school

Not a long term job opportunity but great to learn basic skills as a high schooler trying to get experience in the real world. Managers are hit or miss.
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Exhausting and do not care about employees

Full of drama and rude managers they don’t care about you and make you feel bad about not going in to work when you can’t and don’t like when you take vacation
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