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Fun fast moving work environment

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Good job to learn customer service and team building skills. Great leadership from management and flexible working hours and with staff willing to learn.

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Free lunch

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Hourly pay
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Fun workplace once you get the hang of it but managers will ruin it for you

While the job itself isn’t very taxing, you make orders as you go, the managers aren’t really nice to work with. Some have very strong favoritism and will pardon certain things for certain people. They also bring their emotions to the workplace in a way where if they are having a bad day, they’ll treat their employees harshly. Overall, the job isn’t heavy and the coworkers were some of the nicest people I’ve met but management is unprofessional.
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My tips were never actually calculated properly. I also had to deal with people yelling at me for hot coffee or telling me food that I didn’t make was bad. I was also expected to make and bake things as well. With that in mind management was sleezy and the constant degrading I received from them didn’t help either.
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selfish management

it was a hit-or-miss how good your day would be, all depending on the managers mood. if they're unhappy? they won't be professional and mask it, so prepare for a terrible shift. it sucks being new in those situations because obviously you need to ask question but then they get annoyed at you. for not knowing, somehow. also-- i don't recommend opening. some of the managers wake up late a lot and i've spend multiple opening shifts waiting from 15 mins to 1 hour waiting for the manager to come and unlock it. so unprofessional.
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Environment and management

Overall a very nice place to work. I had great coworkers and pay was decent in the catering position because of tips. Management could have been better.
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not bad

a good place to work, some managers are better than others. not a bad place for a first job. some coworkers are more motivated to work than others
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Stressful but Room for Advancement

I started as a team member and the hours were flexible and the work environment was fun, but serious during business hours. I moved up to Team Manager within a year as a position opened up. If you are motivated and learn all of the positions, which aren’t rocket science, you can move up in the company. I was also able to move states and go to a new cafe seamlessly. Overall, a good place to work.
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Like and happy

What is the best part of working at the company?I like to bake and working in food What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You have bad products our your bake is not good looking What is the work environment and culture like at the company? Clean and organized .and top level food safety.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Every day is same I do my best and working different schedules no problem with that.
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It was ok but terrible growth opportunities

I worked as an overnight baker, which means I prepped the frozen breads to bake off, baked off cookies, muffins, you name it. If its a bread or pastry product, the baker made it overnight.When I last worked there, I was offered 11 an hour (which back then was about 50% more than minimum wage), but I ended up leaving because of an overpaced work environment with added on responsibilities, with at best a 25 cent YEARLY raise, if I even qualified for it. 25 cents a year is pathetic, even if I got that raise every year, i'd still be making less than my states minimum wage right now.
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Productive & Team Work

Provides a lot of insight for future jobs, overall is an great workplace to get involved into the business aspect of owning and working in food industry.
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Terrible Management

When i began to work here it was all fun, then management continued to change, shift supervisors were terrible, the new location manager was never reachable. I had to completely figure out my tax info on my own because they never gave me my W-2 and could never supply it after countless times asking for it.
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Fast paced and gross

The work place was a very uncomfortable environment and I felt very overwhelmed during the rushes. I had to constantly change the coffee out every hour and it was so much physical laboorr
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Good first job to make money

I enjoyed the fast paced environment, and the training was super fun and easy. I was only supposed to be part time because of school, but needed up working 40+ hours a week (and I was the youngest) I had some cool managers, others were kind of rude and got a power trip. All in all, it was a good stepping stone with a lot of room to grow
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Fun Coworkers Terrible Management

Working there was really fun I liked the people a lot only issue i had was with managers not communicating big conflicts i.e. closing the store before my shift but other than that i loved working here
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Average Fast Food Job

Panera Bread is a glorified fast food joint. It was alright for what it was. My biggest complaint was the scheduling. My managers and I could not work out a better more consistent schedule.
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Exhausting work for minimum wage. Good for teenagers and people who refuse to grow up. Your day to day life will consist of weird hours, constant stress and overly complicated recipes.
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It’s okay

Very busy and bad management but interesting and engaging. Spent a lot of time on my feet and running around. Kinda disorganized but not to the point it was debilitating.
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Coworkers are fun

Coworkers are fun but the management was absolutely horrible. They threatened firing me for being sick and telling them I needed more than one shift off for the flu.
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Overworked and non professional environment

They will make you do the jobs of 3-4 people and didn’t not have professional and mature staff. There were times were myself and other co workers would have to calm the General Manager down from being overwhelmed. There also was favoritism in play. There was no room for grow from some individuals because they simply not liked. If you were favored, there was never any necessary action taken when workers were not fulfilling there daily duties and other had to carry their weight for them
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One of the worst experience I ever had, the staff was okay but I have never felt so empty and drained. I ended walking out because i simply couldn't handle it anymore.
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worst job ever

managers are the worst and talk bad on everyone. only a few staff are sometimes decent people. overall hated this establishment and hope everyone in it kicks rocks.
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