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It’s a friendly environment but not good management

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Management at the sterling Panera wasn’t good. I texted the manager that was in charge of scheduling and they’d never respond to schedule me. I barley got to work
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Very dead and busy

Some of the best coworkers i’ve ever had but i felt like i did a lot of work for others because they constantly stayed on their phone. They hire almost anyone, it’s a good first job.
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Great for experience

The experience at Panera is great if you're looking to begin your career, however, there is poor management and poor training program when you first start.
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Overworked slave

They cut ur hours, management is RUDE and crazy they overwork and expect you to know and do everything and the pay is below minimum wage you’ll get like 12-$13 the tips are split between all employees
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irresponsible management

I am overworked most of the time. We don’t get extra pay on holidays and we don’t get paid extra for overtime. Some of my managers are rude and lazy. My hiring manager barely gives me hours but is “urgently hiring”.

Artı Yönleri

75% off discount, free pastries

Eksi Yönleri

poor management
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it was ok

it was ok. very busy costumers are mean. pay is not the best and definitely want to quit multiple times throughout my shift. it is a good job for a high school student
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Fun workplace

Great work place environment, generally relaxed vibe. You receive an employee discount. People will help you when you ask. Just come to work with a positive attitude.
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Fun workplace and easygoing

Panera was a chill job, the only bad thing about is was the customers, they are really entitled. Management is really chill and overall it’s a good job
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fun workplace

The work is pretty much divided into stations: Dining Room, Cashier, Barista, Bakery, Food Assembly, Food prep, and The Guy Who Does The Dishes.Typically, you get assigned to one of these stations for your shift (ranges from 4–6 hours) and you'll mainly do that for the entire time. They train you at the beginning for about 3 different positions (whatever ones they need at the time).
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Good if you want free food, but...

If you have anxiety about literally anything, this not the place for you; especially if you're still in school. Otherwise it was a fun atmosphere and the team members and benefits are really good, it's just a very high stress environment.
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My tips were never actually calculated properly. I also had to deal with people yelling at me for hot coffee or telling me food that I didn’t make was bad. I was also expected to make and bake things as well. With that in mind management was sleezy and the constant degrading I received from them didn’t help either.
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Fun Coworkers Terrible Management

Working there was really fun I liked the people a lot only issue i had was with managers not communicating big conflicts i.e. closing the store before my shift but other than that i loved working here
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It’s okay

Very busy and bad management but interesting and engaging. Spent a lot of time on my feet and running around. Kinda disorganized but not to the point it was debilitating.
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One of the worst experience I ever had, the staff was okay but I have never felt so empty and drained. I ended walking out because i simply couldn't handle it anymore.
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Great training, Fun culture

Fun culture. Good training. Good scheduling. Flexible. The team that I worked with was knowledgeable and they loved their job. It gets a little crazy when they're rushes, but we're right next to a hospital so that is to be expected. Mama
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This location had just opened so it was a little bit of a learning curve for everyone, it was an okay job for a high schooler. You just have to set boundaries or they will work you as much as they can.
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Personable team

The work was very gratifying, yet there was little compensation for illnesses and personal lives. The longer you worked there, the more guilty staff would make you feel for calling out.
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Great place to learn multitasking and customer service

I learned most of my useful customer service skills from this job and how to do a job efficiently. Managers were great and customers were most often pleasant. Learned a lot of baking, food handling and cashier skills here.
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Great starter job!

I worked here in my late teens/early twenties. It was a great place to learn responsibility. The managers were understanding and respectful and the coworkers were great. I loved it.
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Stressful. No cooperation from scheduler in getting hours and pay promised.

What is the best part of working at the company?Rare, not friendly and so forth. Does not pay as promised at interview. Don’t work here.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Short staffed. Terrible low pay. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Dirty work environment. Spaces so small to get around all work areas dangerously closed in; causing injuries. Don’t work here.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Never, ever a chance to sit down. Extremely short staffed so difficult to work with and satisfy customers. Work very hard for extremely low pay.
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Good stepping stone

I worked here as a teenager and genuinely loved it. Way better than any other fast food place to work in my opinion. Everyone was pretty friendly and the meal discounts were nice.
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