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good job but hours fluctuate and pay does not reflect work experience

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The management at Panera Bread is great. They are very kind and very understanding towards the employees. Unfortunately, the hours always fluctuate even though I had to asked to not go over 35 hours and go under 30 hours and they cut hours for no reason or because summer workers come back and they don't prioritize the employees that work there year round.

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Fun, productive work environment

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Hours that fluctuate under what I asked to not go under, pay that doesn't reflect work ethic or work experience
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Fun/Tiring Work, Poor pay

I worked multiple positions at Panera and had a great time working with peers who became friends. Downsides were the minimum wage pay and the owner of the store.
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Good first job

Fast paced environment; coworkers were always very nice and managers were easy to talk to which does defer location to location, customers were the worst part but overall a good first job for highschoolers
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Fast-Paced and Friendly

Panera prides themselves on being "warm." In general, the atmosphere is quite nice and friendly between the customers and the employees. Have to admit, you have to be fast and efficient at your job. We never have downtime and always have to hustle.
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Interesting and fun workplace

I love it here, it’s so easy I have no complaints the customers are great literally everyone the mangers and everybody, the only thing is it does get kind of busy
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Unorganized and Annoying.

The job itself is not hard at all. The management is unorganized with scheduling and annoying however. They update the schedule (maybe) at the end of the week and are surprised when people aren’t able to make it to their shifts on such short notice.
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Absolutely a joke of a company to work for. terrible management and zero communication and respect from management. i wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.
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Canton Panera great boss ,worked great with your schedule, definitely a great place for a first job mostly younger team members but for the most part staff was great to work with
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Don’t recommend

Staff was fun at times, but the pay was poor and there is little work-life balance. There is a lot of favoritism at this location as well, everyone is required to do jobs like dish but only 1-2 people actually do it.
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panera depends on you because no one wants to work there, overpriced rude customers always. thankful everyday i’m not clocking in there, team members are horrible as well
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Not fun or productive

What is the best part of working at the company?The customers were great absolutely amazing people but the work environment was horrible. The managers did not know how to manage their employees. I wouldn’t recommend the integrity of the general manager is horrible. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The job was great easy. The work environment was horrible. Lots of bullying and coworkers fighting. Managers have no integrityWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Horrible work environment managers have no good work ethics and the integrity of the company is questionable What is a typical day like for you at the company?Always anxious there was always drama and issues with managers
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Work Life Balance

Overall enjoyed my time here. It was easy to change availability when needed. We differently had an understaffing problem. However it did not deter me from getting nights off. Made good relationships with coworkers. But management sucked.
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Good first job experience

This job was a good experience as a first job. Management answered all of my questions and helped me communicate with customers. Healthy work environment.
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unfair workplace, they don't take injuries seriously, always talk behind your back, and customers are very rude

So overall Panera did get me through up until now, I've been working there since late April and I now realize how bad everyone really is, some employees are great but others will boss you around and act like a manager even though they clearly aren't, the night shift always get stuck doing all the stuff morning shift didn't like sweeping mopping, pull-outs, restocking, dishes and other things, and even then when you're done with that which sucks because then you always stay passed your time scheduled, on top of that there is never any production workers so food takes forever to get out especially drive thru food.

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free food up to $15, some nice co workers and managers.

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no breaks, injury's not taken seriously, extra workload
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Fast paced

Good company very fast paced will keep you on your toes. Work too hard for the pay though. Opening shift was more stressful than nights because you have limited time to open.
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Decent Job

Okay for a part time job, employee meal every shift, but game days are very stressful. Otherwise a good environment and coworkers are great. Management respects my schedule.
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Managerial Issues

The managers were made it harder to do work than easier, and for such little pay, it felt amplified.There were nice interactions had every single day on the job, though - I’ll give it that.
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Learned a lot, pay was bad

Could've been paid way more. For the experience though, I learned a lot. Not the cleanest place to work, or the happiest, but it taught me basic skills about food serving & the f&b business that I used later in my career in hospitality
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extremly stressful

In all my time working at Panera , I suffered alot of unfairness and disrespect from both customers and management/co-workers. Work here only if you like being stressed .
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Good place to work, pay not so great.

Pretty typical sandwich shop job. We got lots of free bread at the end of the day if you worked the closing shift! The pay for a cashier is just hourly, so of course the amount of money to made is pretty capped.
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They do not stand by their promises

It’s an okay day. They will ask you to leave if they do not have enough business. The management is okay but inconsistent. They gripe about upper management a lot. Policies are published and not followed - i.e. salary increase. They say they give you quarterly pay increases. They don’t. They are not consistent with lower personnel and hire people to work and do not make them do their jobs they are hired for. They say you get to eat for free, but they do not tell you there are limitations to what you can eat. Their pay is lower than other places. They do not clean as well as they should. They are open when weather is not safe to be open - i.e. snow and ice on the roads. They do not get upset if you cannot get to work, but it is really stupid to be open. They are very helpful if you need to make a schedule change or are sick, etc.

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Consistency and communication
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