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Sodexo touches the lives of 100 million consumers in more than 70 countries every day. In North America alone, we serve more than 20 million consumers at 13,000 client sites. Improving quality of life has been our mission for over 50 years. And this commitment starts with you. We strive to enhance and simplify your daily life, while offering you the – daha fazla best working environment wherever you are, whatever you do.

Employment at Sodexo During COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in working at Sodexo. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate through this ever-changing situation.

As COVID-19 disrupts our entire economy and increases site closures, many of our employees have been directly impacted, so we’ve been matching employees from sites that are either shutting down or downsizing with sites that need additional help.

Our priority will always be to place employees within Sodexo, but we recognize this may not always be possible, so we’re partnering with suppliers and other companies to find temporary jobs to keep our people working.

While employees who have been temporarily laid off are top of mind for all openings, positions not filled by existing staff will continue to accept new applicants. We are providing critical emergency services in environments such as healthcare, senior living and schools and need staffing support. This is where you can truly make an impact by providing care and service to patients, residents, students, families and healthcare workers during these unprecedented times.

Though we may not know exactly what’s ahead, our priority is to remain focused on the health and safety of everyone around us. Remember, we are all in this together.
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