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Project Engineer10 yorum

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Competitive and Fast Paced

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Job Culture encourages you to work independently with less supervision. For me, it’s a pro since your career leadership and career growth will be developed quickly. There’s a lot of online trainings which can aid you to improve your working skills.

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Salary, Benefits, Leadership Growth

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Work Life Balance
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Professional management staff with productive and work friendly environment

- Supportive Staff - Friendly Environment - Sound Learning Platform - A good opportunity to get a hands-on experience on operational process - Being a FMCG giant in Pakistan, professional experience is of great worth

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Free meals and outdoor entertainment

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Extended work hours
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The productive and fun working place

The head-office life is completely different than a factory going employee. Because most factory site are third party owned and managed, the number of stakeholders substantially increases compared to implementing a project in the head-office.

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Agile working

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long hours
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Nice work place

Internship at Unilever was a very nice work, with heavy task. So much task and complex team work or group some times to work with and deadline must be achieved.

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free lunch and monthly product pack

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free medical support
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Great place to work

Great place to work Developing concepts Gaining approval from stakeholders. Scheduling the work in with existing production demands Engaging vendors and contractors to provide a budget. Raise purchase orders for the new equipment and the planned scope of works to install the new upgrades

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Free icecreams and iced teas and staff parcels

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Long hours and early starts
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Project Engineer at Unilever (on contract)

During the tenure of 1 year almost, I got to learn the various aspects of working in a multinational company, since my job nature was relevant to the procurement of the Engineering related materials & services so it highly required the negotiation & communications skills with relevant teams such as Senior Project Engineers, Project Supervisors, Buying Department & Vendors in order to keep intact the Project Timelines, Allocated Budget & the quality of the materials/services. The most significant skills that I have attained from the procurement field are vendor management(on time quote submission, specific material quality, cost negotiation & the on time payment or invoice submission), cost controlling, timelines handling, RFQs, Purchase Requisitions & Orders generation. The hardest part of the job that I used to tackle was the capitalization of all the declared assets having combined worth of round about 10 million PKR on monthly basis (the value could even go in billions as well) Location, Cost center, Nature & Category of the capitalized asset had to be keenly uttered. Working environment was great & friendly, overall it was really an amazing experience working at Unilever HPC Factory, Rahim Yar Khan.
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Productive workplace

working at Unilever is great. The experience is fantastic and the people are friendly and willing to assist. The work environment is very professional, and everyone is treated with integrity and respect.
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Great place to learn

Work environment is always busy. Great place to learn. Salary is not matched to job value.
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Challenging Workplace

A typical day at work is full of argurments, disagreements and some productivity. I have to manage all the stakeholders in a project. Those can be suppliers, contractors, customers, etc. but becasuse i am in a factory, the main issue daily, is the customer (Production Department). All the main projects are done to either boost or in some way improve production (be it a new line or some equipment). The biggest learning is that the equipment is (in most cases) not the problem, but the people are. If they are not well trained or have no interest in that technology (new or old), you will have a huge problem. A machine can be perfect in all sense, but it cannot operate itself. All the projects i do, come alive with the engangement and the development of people. Fortunately enough, i have always had a winning team that is willing to push hard as much i try to push them. The hardest momements are when i have tried my best and things are just beyond my control at that moment. The most enjoyable moments are the project hand over on time in full. When production signs off and take over complete and fully operation equipment.

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Gifts and bonuses

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Overtime (weekends included)
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Good Company with Ethic and Culture

This is another Global Consumer Packaged Industry and while working i learnt lot of Standards like TPM, Safety and most important is faster Execution of the project.
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