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It was the worst experience I have ever encountered. Managers don’t care about their employees as you’re seen as a number. It sucks! Avoid this role if you can
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A place to shine and sharpen your skills, has its flaws like anywhere else but the experience is always positive in general.

What is the best part of working at the company?I got accepted while having 0 experience in the industry after extensive 3-phase interviews with different company personnel and departments. I walked out another person than I walked in.I can say that it's a true school in the customer service and technical support industry. The heavy work load at some points of my career had shaped my technical skills and IT knowledge, adding to the amusement and enjoyment of dealing with the variety of accents and backgrounds from inside the UK and Ireland, it was a journey to always look back to with gratitude.The company focuses on building the employees wether through the continuous education system through " Vodafone University " or the dynamic ever changing work nature that pushes you to keep up and cope with the pace. We had our struggles specially when we had to work from home during the pandemic but it was a positive experience in general. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The high expectations of the customers and the management at the same time.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's a positive environment drives you towards evolution and improvement. Most of the people I worked with during my time at Vodafone are in good places now which means that Vodafone already adds to the work experience, and the personal development inside and outside the office ; not to mention the weight it adds to the cv.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Mostly calm at the beginning, rapid and a bit stressful suring midday - 
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*la journée ce passé souvent chargé Je appris à connaître le problème des abonnés et à améliorer ma vie professionnelle en restant veille pendant les services

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Repas midi gratuit

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Temps plein 7/7 j
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Productive and fun place

Best place to work with,all what I have learned was there , I have spent 10 years in Vodafone & if I got a chance to work with them again definitely will join
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great environment

Picture this: You're holding the latest smartphone, feeling the sleek design and power in your hands. With Vodafone, it's not just a device; it's your key to a network that never lets you down. Streaming your favorite content at lightning speeds, no interruptions, just pure entertainment.In a bustling city or serene countryside, you're always connected. Imagine the freedom of unlimited data, ensuring you're never held back by limits. Whether it's staying in touch with loved ones or managing your business on-the-go, Vodafone keeps you in sync with the world.But it's not just about the gadgets and gigabytes; it's the feeling of being effortlessly connected, feeling the pulse of a digital heartbeat. It's about simplifying your life, making every click, call, or stream a breeze. Let's embark on this journey together and discover a world where connectivity knows no bounds.
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Good Company but no progression

I really liked the work life Balance and the Autonomy of the role However there is little to no progression past a certain point. Good experience However
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Good place to work

Overall good place to work with possibility to develope professionally and gain internation experience. Big focus on growing engagement within all functions.
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Nice and Professional

Lovely place to work for and always encouraging. The managers are very good and they have different training programmes for you. The salary they pay is good also.
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Job roles changing, bad shifts, bad atmosphere, okay wage but not a good place to work. Maybe okay for a stopping job if inbetween things.
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Herausfordernde und spannende Arbeit in einem tollen und internationalen Umfeld.

Was ist das Beste daran, bei diesem Unternehmen zu arbeiten?Internationalität; Modernität - early adopter bzgl. neuer Managementmethoden; Genderneutralität - jeder hat gleichermaßen eine Chance auf eine Vakanz; sehr umweltbewusst; Was ist am anstrengendsten an der Arbeit bei diesem Unternehmen?Es werden herausragende Ergebnisse erwartetWie sind Arbeitsumfeld und -kultur bei diesem Unternehmen beschaffen?Sehr kollegial und international - junges UmfeldWie sieht ein typischer Tag für Sie bei diesem Unternehmen aus?Besprechungen mit Chef und Mitarbeitern, Weitere Bearbeitung anstehender Themen, Projektbesprechungen im internationalen Umfeld, Treffen mit externen Ansprechpartnern zur Abstimmung laufender Projekte.
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28 Kasım 2023
Vielen Dank für Deine 5-Sterne-Bewertung! Wir freuen uns, dass Du Dich bei uns wohlfühlst und ein Teil unseres Teams bist. #TogetherWeCan

Good opportunities for progression

Massive and visible focus on diversity and inclusion, not just lip service, it's a reality.Lots of forums for different groups of people. Training and development whenever you need or ask for it

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Great discounts

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Workload varies, can be really busy
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Buena experiencia laboral como becaria de asesoría jurídica. Tienen oportunidades laborales para graduados, y muy buenas condiciones laborales en general.
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Not recommended unless you like pressure

I would only suggest working for Vodafone if you accept pressure well and like stress, under constant pressure and given false hope in being told you’re doing fine and there is nothing to worry about then stats show you are not and you get penalised for this
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Fun place to work

High targets but the commission makes it worth it. Fantastic team members and some of the managers are really cool Overall, it’s a good place to work.
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Azienda valida

Ambiente stimolante i responsabili sempre molto disponibili e buona sinergia con i colleghi. Peccato per le poche ore di lavoro che non mi hanno permesso di guadagnare abbastanza per rimanere
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Great place to work

Its a good place to start your career, management will help you a lot with trainings to get you started, compensation structure is great and you get to work with great people
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Friendly environment, abundance of support with opportunities to progress. The role at time can be challenging depending on what campaign you work on, however full training is provided to allow you to succeed.
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Atendimento ao cliente

Bom emprego, team agradavel, ma remuneracao, muita rotatividade de funcionarios, bons formadores e team leaders, alta cobrança e trabalho estressante
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Training was good, but....

Unfortuntaly left a secure job for a exciting chance at Vodafone to be faced with redunduncy 2 months later.What i did experience with Vodafone is that they have great perks, great wages and i enjoyed the 3 week training.

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staff support, wage and holidays

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Other then the personal experience i had i saw no cons.
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Best place I've worked

Loved my team, company and how connected the brand was to their purpose and how you could feel this through the company. I would recommend Vodafone as a place to work.
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