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Jameson Brand Ambassador - job post

Pernod Ricard
4.3 out of 5
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Tam İş Tanımı

Pernod Ricard is the No.2 alcohol beverage company in the world with a strong portfolio of brands such as Chivas Whiskey, Glenlivet Whiskey, Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Olmeca Tequila, Malibu to name a few. At Pernod Ricard Turkey, we are creators of conviviality: our purpose is to bring people together every day and create the moments that make life worth living. It means working with great people from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about our brands, our industry, and spirit.
Managing brand training/mentoring activities in the following ways;
  • Support the brand team in the planning, testing, implementation and evaluation of Jameson domain/brand development activities.
  • To ensure that the brand remains at the highest possible level in the minds of all PR employees.
  • To identify and carry out activities such as tasting/training for target consumer/influencer groups.
By following brand development activities:
  • To position and target Jameson in commercial accounts for brand image/development, in collaboration with the brand and sales teams.
  • Creating development plans and developing relationships for all target outlets, including consumer promotions, trade promotions, brand visibility, etc.
  • To turn and transform target consumers into brand users and loyal followers through experiments.
  • Researching and evaluating relevant opportunities to ensure brand development - commercial establishments, relevant events, etc
  • If appropriate, establishing relationships with on-trade and off-trade outlets and maximizing relationships.
  • Becoming an authority on market dynamics by providing market insights gained from experience to the local team and Irish Distillers Limited.
By providing direct support to the Brand Manager in the following tasks;
  • Providing support in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of planned promotional activities in on/off trade centers.
  • To foresee and present Jameson best practices that will contribute to the design and implementation of basic on/off trading activities.
  • To propose, present and try all new brand initiatives, regardless of international best practices or original, subject to the approval of the brand team.
  • Providing market intelligence by researching, analyzing and reporting key competitor activities.
  • Provide support in deciding whether events are suitable for Jameson or community management.
PR/Event/Digital support activity;
  • To identify suitable opportunities for Jameson brands to enter the market.
  • Interacting with influential lifestyle-related social media areas: As a whiskey ambassador, representing our brands in industry-based and lifestyle-related publications and social media areas when opportunities arise.
  • To keep the public relations activities of the brands on the agenda and to encourage them, in cooperation with Pernod Ricard marketing and public relations departments.
  • Finding new communities for Jameson and organizing mentoring programs and events with them.
Education: Bachelor Degree (Graduated from the university's business/commerce faculties)
Professional/Technical Knowledge:
  • Understanding of retail environment
  • Must have business intelligence, be analytical and have a good understanding of financial issue.
Language: Proficiency in English (Have strong oral and written communication skills)
Computer Skills: Strong Microsoft Office skills, including Excel and PowerPoint
  • Class B driver's license
  • Have completed compulsory military service for male candidates
  • Team player, creativity, analytical and commercial intelligence, problem solver, planned, strong communication and human relations
  • Following trends such as “nightlife” closely
  • Excellent written and oral expression skills are required
  • To establish open and cooperative partnerships
  • Presentation skills, self-confidence in making official presentations to internal and external audiences
Diversity and Inclusion
Accordingly, with the Group’s founding Diversity and Inclusion values, all recruitment processes are based on the PR Leadership Attributes and technical skills of the candidates required for the job, by eliminating all potential bias against inclusiveness.
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