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Ankara konumundaki operations associate işleri

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Job Post Details

Museum Coordinator - Arts and Culture - job post

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İş türü

  • Kontratlı



Tam İş Tanımı

Job Description

Desired Experience:

  • Project Management
  • Arts & Culture
  • Administration
  • Partner Management
  • Digital Content
  • Government or Cultural Partnerships

Below are the key themes of the role:

1. An operations associate to help with partner management in the MENA Region- Acquire/Enhance content from institutions, manage relationship with them and troubleshoot when needed

2. It will be a cross-functional role where they as independent contributors would work with operations support and content specialists

3. This is not a monetary first business and the goal of the program is to provide high quality content for consumers around the world, hence passion for arts and culture is a key enabler for success

4. The role would need at least 50% of the amount of time to be spent on the system including lead management via CRM tools (salesforce) and GSuite for project coordination- the role would be remote but have travel across MENA as per requirment

5. Content ownership will solely lie with the client and there will be no public credit/mentions for content created or projects delivered

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Client Partner Content Coordination (Acquisition, Curation and Publication)

The core mission of the Country Coordinator is to support Client Partners in the management of their content on Client.

Tasks include:

●CMS system onboarding and troubleshooting

2. Partner Content Amplification:

The second mission of the Country Coordinator is to support Client Partners in the amplification of their content on the day of its publication and/or on later

occasions detected by the partner or Client’s team.

Tasks include:

●Conducting content audits, writing content overviews or any other content-related documentation needed for editorial, content, marketing, press or other purposes in the context of amplifying Client Partners Content visibility.

●Support the organization and logistics of physical events when such format is required for the promotion of Client Partners Content.

●This mission can involve travel to a Client Partner’s or an event’s location.

3. Prospects coordination:

The third mission of the Country Coordinator is to grow the number of Client Partners and related content via new Prospects.

Tasks include:

●Presenting Client offer to prospects interested in becoming a Client Partners, outlining the terms and conditions to join, the digitizations tools and the content management system available to bring their collection online on Client and manage th own individual Collection Page on the platform

●Execute track all tasks related to the Prospect Management service, including:

  • Process incoming requests to join the platform and reply in a timely manner.
  • Conduct outreach to new prospects based on the team needs.

Job Type: Contract

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